Taking as its launching point the cognitive and physical labor that happens within 3D modeling and game engine computer programs, ALL THERE IS inserts play into these professionalized environments and calls into question the alienated labor associated with computer graphics and computer simulation. 

Players are immersed in a randomized environment where they are tasked with embodying and stacking objects to reach the goal height. Each object is synthesized from other objects, their wireframes emphasizing the absurdity and constructed-ness of this virtual world—an elephant composed of traffic cones and a folding chair, a Ferris wheel composed of inflatable swimming pools and computer moni- tors, telephone poles composed of water bottles, etc. The chaotic, carnivalesque setting is in constant motion with surreal animations and a conta- gious soundtrack commissioned especially for the work. 

The game space is comical while also maintaining a dislocated sense of ambivalence about the rendered world in which these objects are trapped, the empty default grey zone beyond the gridded field which might double as a workspace, playground, or graveyard. 

Projected at a monumental scale, the game doubles as a performance of labor, drawing contrast and attention to the joyous play and the hyper efficient rendering environment. 

The following documentation includes installation photographs of the work at Experimental Digital Arts gallery at the University of California, Los Angeles, as well as screen captures of the work.